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  1. Performance Testing Is Coming to Microsoft Exams: Here Is What You Should Know
    As many of you know, we are starting to add performance tasks to our exams (We refer to these tasks as “labs.”) This means that during an exam, you may be presented with a live environment in the cloud or on-premises, and you will perform...(read more)
  2. Why Microsoft Beta Exams Are No Longer Free
    This blog was originally published in November, 2017. We are republishing it (with minor changes) to highlight the major change in red. As many of you know, seats for many of our beta exams fill rapidly, which, in theory, should be a good thing. Quic...(read more)
  3. Are You an Azure Security Engineer? Want to Become One? Check Out This Beta Exam!
    Do you implement security controls, maintain the security posture, manage identity and access, and protect data, applications, and networks? Do you identify and remediate vulnerabilities by using a variety of security tools, implement threat protecti...(read more)
  4. Finish Your Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Certification Journey by Taking a Beta Exam!
    All Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations certification exams are now available. As a reminder, all certification paths begin with the same prerequisite exam: MB-300: Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Core. This exam validates your ability to a...(read more)
  5. Announcing the Remaining Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Beta Exams
    As I blogged about in January, Microsoft is introducing several new role-based certifications for all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement job roles. Today, the remaining two certification exams are now available in beta. Keep in mind that all ...(read more)