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  1. MCT Monthly Newsletter – February 2019

    Certifications and Exams

    Exam News Roundup
    In January, we released more than a dozen exams! As always, for more details, see the Microsoft Learning Blog.

    New Live Exams

    Read the full article for all exams »


    New Exam Offer: Certify with Confidence Can Help Your Students Get Ahead
    As some of the first to earn a Microsoft role-based certification, your students can get ahead of the pack when it comes to specific skills for today’s high-demand jobs. The new Certify with Confidence offer can help by providing up to two exam retakes, for a total of three chances to pass that exam. Share the good news with your communities. Offer ends May 31, 2019. See details at

    Microsoft Learning Blog Update
    As noted in the Exam News Roundup, we introduced a lot of new beta exams and certifications in January, and our accompanying blog posts give you all the details. To quickly find those that interest you, see the full article for links to posts by job role or topic. Read the full article » 


    Microsoft Press/Books
    Save 45% on Microsoft Press E-Books and Video—All Topics! Love is in the air for IT pro and developer digital learning resources. For a limited time, use discount code LOVELEARNING during checkout to save 45% on Microsoft Press e-books and video. Titles are delivered in three formats—EPUB, PDF, and MOBI—to read on your preferred device, and they’re available for streaming. Offer ends February 17, 2019. See what’s new in the store.


    Training (Courseware, Courses, Clinics)

    Upcoming Course Retirements
    To provide additional time for Partners to transition their customers to the new role-based instructor-led training (ILT) courses, Microsoft is extending several previously announced course retirement dates. Please review the lists in the full article for the latest information. Read the full article » 

    Clarification on Course Versioning for Role-based ILT on Skillpipe
    We’ve received some questions about how to identify versions of role-based instructor-led training (ILT) courses on Skillpipe. Titles that you select from your Skillpipe bookshelf can appear in either Cover View or List View mode. Currently, in Cover View mode, other than a marginally changed title, there is no way to discern the version. However, in List View mode, the date designator for the version is displayed. We plan to add this designator to Cover View mode soon. To switch from Cover View to List View mode, in the lower-left corner of the Skillpipe screen, click the Switch to List View button.

    Another limitation that you should be aware of when you open the latest version of a role-based ILT course in Skillpipe is that the top banner displays an inaccurate (earlier) version. We are tracking this recognized bug in Skillpipe and expect resolution with the next update release. You can sign in to Skillpipe, where these changes will be reflected.

    Original Publication Date: 02/07/2019

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