2013 Apr

Deutschland  PowerShell Community Konferenz (deutschsprachige)
Ort:     Oberhausen/Ruhrgebiet Deutschland
Datum: Di. 09. Apr 2013 (Pre-Konferenz)
           Mi. 10. Apr bis Do. 11.Apr 2013 (Hauptkonferenz)

Mehr Informationation zu dieser Konferenz finden Sie hier und hier.


FREE WEBCAST: All You Can Eat Storage Pool in Windows Server 2012
Wed 17 Apr 2013 from 1930 to 2030 UTC+2

Presented by Desmond Lee, resident speaker (MVP, MCT), this session introduces the new Storage Pool feature that enables JBOD ("Just a Bunch of Disk") to be assembled in an affordable and fault-tolerant fashion. Join us to see live demos in action as to why expensive and complicated SAN based solutions are a thing of the past with this hot feature!

REGISTRATION - Drop Desmond an email via the Contact Form here.